Daily Boat Trips

Join us on this exciting water adventure!

Duration: 6 hours

According to the myth, Poseidon severed the tip of Corfu with his trident, then dragged it southwest to form the love nest for his mistress Amphitrite.

  • The first stop of the day will take you inside the mysterious sea caves, where legend has it that Poseidon hid Amphitrite while he was away protecting the Ionian Sea. The caves are enchanting, with their aqua blue waters and soaring heights .
  • The second stop of the day is in Anti-Paxos. Here you can swim in the crystal clear waters or just sit back and enjoy the scenery.
    Few places today are blessed with the tranquility of this untouched island.
  • The last stop of the day is Gaios, the capital town of Paxos. Known more recently as millionaires’ paradise, place of the rich and famous. A bustling little town, filled with shops, bars and restaurants, an excellent place to try traditional Greek cuisine or shop for some unusual souvenirs made on the island.

The bar on board serves: soft drinks, beers, cocktails, chips, coffees.

This will be one of the best day of your holiday!

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